Estate Planning

Estate planning is a process in which people organize their affairs allowing those they leave behind to benefit from their wisdom as well as reduce the burden of dealing with administrative matters.

Do I Need It

People often assume that estate planning is only for the wealthy. This is simply not the case. There are many issues that are addressed with an estate plan that go beyond the financial aspects.

What’s Important

Caring for the needs of your family beyond your lifetime can be accomplished with proper planning. Without it, many decisions will be made for you.

Am I Too Young For An Estate Plan

Estate planning includes strategies to protect and provide for children and/or a spouse should an untimely death occur. Part of the planning process can include protection planning such as determining if adequate life insurance is in place.

How We Can Help

We can identify opportunities and recommend techniques that can be easily implemented. We can work with an estate planning attorney to streamline an efficient and effective plan. We can monitor changes that may require modifications to the plan as well as assist with trust implementation, tax compliance and accounting.